With the speed of current science, artificial intelligence can catch up and even surpass humans in 50-100 years.
This idea was shared by Naoki Sugimoto - head of Japan's Parlo robot development division with artificial intelligence from FujiSoft Incorporated in an interview with Sputnik.
"I think that when artificial intelligence surpasses a human being, having such an intelligence that you can confuse it with a person, it will not be artificial intelligence, not a robot anymore, but a new man, that time will come but not fast.

I think the current situation may not need to worry about this, this will not happen in my life. It will be a new race, maybe it will be a research field of religion or philosophy, I don't know how to say it.
But I don't think AI will soon replace humans, become people but in 50-100 years, "Sugimoto said.
Despite advising people not to be scared, Japanese scientists believe that people need to be alert now and take this issue seriously.
Like Mr. Sugimoto, many experts warn that the rapid development of artificial intelligence is raising concerns about the future of people.
"Intelligence is a double-edged sword, like fire that helps us to warm and cook food, but it will also burn us," warns Ray Kurzweil, Google's chief technical officer.
Genius physicist Stephen Hawking even made predictions of a resource conflict between humans and AI. According to him, artificial intelligence may be "the worst event in the history of human civilization" if we do not find a way to control its development.
"Artificial intelligence will become dangerous as an autonomous weapon or turn into a means of oppressing people, posing threats to their economy," the British physicist said.