After unfortunate "bombs" in the past, Warner Bros. is hoping that Cinelytic's AI technology can help them thrive in the new decade.
Recently, Warner Bros. has officially partnered with technology company Cinelytic to implement a plan to use artificial intelligence (AI) to decide which films to produce will make the most profit. According to Cinelytic founder Tobias Queisser, the new technology will help them analyze in-depth the huge amount of database to assess the interests and trends of the audience, from which to make appropriate films, have the ability to "clear" the big screen.

Currently, the technology is still in beta, and one of the first customers that Cinelytic has chosen to partner with is Warner Bros. - The movie studio is almost 100 years old. Thanks to Cinelytic AI, Warner Bros. board of directors will gain a more detailed and accurate data source, which will also make it easier to capture audience psychology. In addition, this AI system will also support the calculation and estimation of revenue and profit for each specific movie project.
According to The Hollywood Reporter, despite the application of advanced technology, modern but Warner Bros. There are no plans to cut its staff. On the contrary, they want to reduce the workload for the staff and hope to be able to deliver the complex computing process to the processing machinery. "Our AI system can make cumbersome calculations in seconds - jobs that people can take days to complete," Tobias said. It will be really helpful in assessing the overall value of a movie, or estimating each actor's salary in the most accurate way. ”
He also added: “Many people are afraid of the speed of AI development, but the fact is that this technology is far from being able to replace people in jobs that require creativity. Its advantages lie in the processing speed of calculations and the ability to analyze complex data. When it comes to creativity, in addition to experience, we need an art-loving heart, daring to do the craziest things - something a machine will probably never have. ”
Warner Bros. nor is it the first studio to apply Cinelytic AI to its film production. STX Entertainment used this technology before launching Playmobil and Uglydolls, two of the most popular animated blockbusters in 2019.
After unfortunate "bombs" in the past, Warner Bros. is hoping that Cinelytic's AI technology can help them thrive in the new decade.
On the other hand, this could be a trick to make Warner Bros better in the new decade. They are in the hands of DCEU - one of the largest superhero universes in the world today, but it has not really reached its full potential. It was not until 2018 that DC really returned to Aquaman, Shazam! and most recently Joker - the film has entered 11 categories nominated for Oscar 2020. Previously, Warner Bros. Has constantly faced indignation from the fans after the failure of Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice and especially Justice League.
In addition, this studios also owns a lot of other bombs in 2019, such as The Kitchen, Doctor Sleep or The Goldfinch. So with a new deal with Cinelytic, Warner Bros. Hoping to be able to make more accurate calculations before embarking on production of any new film project.