The application of artificial intelligence is gradually coming to life. Not only China, Japan also uses artificial intelligence to prevent theft in this country.
The Japanese have recently chosen to monitor surveillance system by camera system connected with artificial intelligence (AI) to analyze the body language of the suspect thief when he is thinking. Hand out in stores, supermarkets.
According to The Verge - an American website for information and communication technology, the anti-theft system has been applied including a 13-meter camera and 144-degree scanning angle connected to the AI ​​application by NTT. Japan and Earth Eyes produce, on the basis of an open data software of Carnegie Mellon University of America.

Before being put into use in Japan, the management system was provided with a source data package containing outstanding features about the techniques and tricks that thieves often use to steal items on store shelves. chemistry.
In fact, before going out, thieves often have the action of glancing sideways, carefully observing their surroundings, then looking for a place with a camera or rolling their eyes to locate hidden corners from the view of the camera. .
The AI-based management system is fully loaded with the above "tactics" to be able to immediately identify the shady actions of the "intent" objects.
And once the camera has identified the suspect, the camera will capture this person's portrait and immediately notify the salesperson via an SMS. The officer in charge will approach the subject and politely ask him what item he is looking for to help.
With this precaution, many large stores in Japan such as Bic Camera, Kirindo or Xebio have been pleased to know that the number of stolen items has decreased by more than one third since the introduction of this technology. .
The application power of artificial intelligence is gradually coming to life.
Police in China say they can use artificial intelligence to catch criminals.
Officials in China's eastern city of Jiaxing used facial recognition technology powered by artificial intelligence (AI) to arrest a suspect among a crowd of more than 20,000 people attending the show. by Hong Kong singer Jacky Cheung. At the moment of passing through the security system at the concert, the suspect was marked: An algorithm has combined his face with an image from the database of photographs of the criminals being traced. nã. Immediately, authorities arrested the man on charges of stealing $ 17,000 worth of potatoes.
The thief is the third fugitive caught at the Jacky Cheung concert after months of using software developed by Megvii, a Beijing-based software company. But Megvii is not the only company pioneering the field of artificial intelligence into facial recognition technology. Alibaba's Ant Financial mobile payment subsidiary uses the "smile to pay" feature at KFC.
A high school in Hangzhou tracks the concentration of students in a classroom using a surveillance camera. Traffic police in Shenzhen and other cities use AI to detect people who "watch heaven with a swing". A park near Beijing's Temple of Heaven also uses technology in a public toilet to prevent the theft of toilet paper.