The new quarantine system in Beijing is powered by AI, which can measure body temperature of 15 people per second, including wearing a mask, a hat.
According to SCMP, two leading Chinese artificial intelligence companies, Megvii and Baidu, have developed these systems to improve temperature monitoring in the city.
Megvii's remote quarantine system can measure the temperature of 15 people per second at a distance of 5 meters, whether wearing a hat, mask or standing in a crowd. The estimated error is 0.3 degrees Celsius. The company says the system is designed to cover 16 points at each subway station, helping to locate patients quickly, while requiring only one employee. Directly next to the screen.

And Baidu's screening system can detect the body temperature of people wearing masks when moving with the error of 0.05 degrees Celsius and will soon be deployed at the subway entrance to the south train station. Beijing.
Currently in many public places, such as supermarkets or railway stations, staff must use a handheld body temperature meter to check each person. However, this manual method is thought to be ineffective, as well as the potential for the virus to spread from the patient to the support staff.
Experts say the deployment of a smart screening system could still be hampered by the rapid spread of the virus, especially in isolated cities. For example, Wuhan-based Huazhong Numerical's infrared sensor production line was disrupted because the city was the epicenter of an outbreak.
The company needed a special government license to transport sensors across the country. "The demand is far greater than our production capacity. Our current inventory is currently zero," said Li Kai, head of Huazhong Numerical Control.