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When Artificial Intelligence "Moves" Against Stealing

The application of artificial intelligence is gradually coming to life. Not only China, Japan also uses artificial intelligence to prevent theft in this country.

Application Of AI To Save Thousands Of People Who Want To Kill Themselves

Artificial intelligence (AI) scours updates on China's social network Weibo, searches for people who are suicidal and connects them with psychologists.

Behind AI Chip Present in 100 Million Devices across Asia

Cambricon Technologies' AI chips are ubiquitous, used in 100 million smartphones and servers across Asia.

Warner Bros Will Use AI to Decide Which Movie to Produce

After unfortunate "bombs" in the past, Warner Bros. is hoping that Cinelytic's AI technology can help them thrive in the new decade.

The Time AI Catches Up And Overcomes Humans Is Not Far Away

With the speed of current science, artificial intelligence can catch up and even surpass humans in 50-100 years.

Just 6 Seconds, AI Will Sketch Your Face From The Voice

The voice can reveal a lot of information, but few expect it to expose the speaker after a few seconds of speaking.

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Apple Reportedly Wants To ‘Acqui-Hire’ Self-Driving Car Startup Drive.AI

Apple is reportedly mulling a purchase of self-driving car startup in an ‘acqui-hire’ deal to grab its talent. is full of skilled personnel after being founded in 2016 by a pioneeri

Zuckerberg Is Deepfaked A Month After Facebook Refused To Remove Others

A deepfake of Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is making the rounds a month after his company refused to remove similar videos. Last month, Facebook refused to remove a deepfake video of House Speaker Na

Altoida Raises $6.3 Million In Series A Funding To Further AI Healthcare Goals

Georgia-based healthcare firm Altoida Inc has raised $6.3 million (£5m) in a series A funding round conducted by German pharmaceutical company Merck KGaA-owned capital venture firm M Ventures, with pa

Baidu Will Help Develop Intel’s Nervana Neural Processor

Intel announced during Baidu’s Create conference this week that Baidu will help to develop the former’s Nervana Neural Network Processor. Speaking on stage at the conference in Beijing, Intel corpora

Facebook Outage Gave A Glimpse At How Its AI Analyses Images

Facebook’s issue displaying images yesterday gave users an interesting look at how the social media giant’s AI analyses their uploads. An outage yesterday meant Facebook users were unable to see uplo

Baidu And Geely Announce Collaboration In AI Technologies

Baidu has announced plans to strategically collaborate with Geely on the application of AI technologies to various fields. Announced during this year’s Baidu Create conference, the companies say they

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Musk Wants To Link Human Brains With Machines To ‘Stop The AI Apocalypse’

Elon Musk’s ambitious Neuralink project to link human brains with machines is part of the entrepreneur’s crusade to “stop the AI apocalypse”. Musk has been vocal with his concerns about AI, famously

Jonathan Bowl, Hitachi Vantara: On The Changing Face – And Pace – Of Big Data

We have all heard the ‘data is the new oil’ aside, usually elicited by someone who honestly believes you’re hearing it for the first time. Indeed, the caveat that data needs to be built upon – as oil

Most UK Adults Fear That AI Will Replace Their Jobs, And It Might

Research from an AI think tank and development company has found the vast majority of UK adults fear their jobs will be replaced by AI, and they might. surveyed more than 2,000 people and

Nvidia Calls AI ‘The Single Most Powerful Force’ As Earnings Beat Expectations

Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang has called AI “the single most powerful force of our time” as the company posts earnings beating analysts’ expectations. While gaming remains Nvidia’s primary source of growth

Messe Berlin: If You Woke Up In Five Years, You’d Struggle To Recognise Devices

During a keynote session at this year’s IFA in Berlin, Messe Berlin CEO Dr Christian Goke shared his view of emerging technologies like AI and 5G and their impact. Goke believes technologies such as

Alibaba Unveils Hanguang 800 AI Inference Chip To Speed-Up ML Tasks

Alibaba Group has introduced its first AI inference chip called ‘Hanguang 800’ which performs machine-learning tasks efficiently and quickly. The neural processing unit is already being used to power

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Robot toy company Anki is going out of business

Anki, the San Francisco-based robotics company that specialized in making smartphone-controlled toys, is shutting down this week, reports Recode.

How AI Will Transform the Testing Process

To what extent will AI fundamentally change the way we work? What about the change management process? Will AI augment or replace testers?

This live stream plays endless death metal produced by an AI

Over the past month, an AI called Dadabots has been endlessly generating and streaming death metal on YouTube

Using AI to Remotely Monitor Patients and Prevent Readmissions

With many conditions requiring patients to rehabilitate at home, it can sadly be all too common for the condition to relapse on account of inadequate care of the wound or rehab at home.

Forget about artificial intelligence, extended intelligence is the future

Last year, I participated in a discussion of The Human Use of Human Beings, Norbert Weiner’s groundbreaking book on cybernetics theory.

Quantum computing foreground prediction

In 1982, the Nobel Prize winner and physicist Richard Feynman conceived a super-functional computer that relied on microscopic particles.